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Digibitox provides custom animated video animation services to communicate with the audience in a better way.

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Professional Animated Video Services

Digibitox is known as professional video animation agency in San Francisco, allowing brands to address customers with a unique approach. Our expert animators know how to gain the visitors' attention through creatively designed video animation and convert them into customers. Hire a video animator, build brands and get more leads and beneficial results.

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Professional Video Animation Services

2D Animation

Digibitox provides professional 2D animation services by creating backgrounds, characters, and Effects in a 2D space.

3D animation

Digibitox provides top-notch 3D animation services, similar to 2D animation. Rather than using backgrounds, characters, and FX, these are developed in a 3D space.

Whiteboard Animation

As the name suggests, a Whiteboard animation comprises a plain whiteboard that acts as a storyboard on which pictures are animated. While creating animations, initially, the animators record themselves.


To make an animated video more appealing, typography plays a vital role, giving an appealing user experience.

Motion graphic animation

Motion graphics services are gaining popularity throughout the world, as it allows to interact with the audience uniquely.

Animated Logos

Animated logos bring brands to life and act as a reliable and powerful tool of advertising. There is a massive difference between the brands with animated logos and those with simple ones. The difference is evident between the two, and ultimately both get diverse traffic.

Our Work

Our portfolio is full of innovative and appealing work that keeps our clientele satisfied.

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It’s a skillful way to attract potential customers and make them know about your brand and your offer.


Google loves video content! With a video, your consumers will spend more time on your website, which is a positive signal for search engines.


Turn your viewers into your loyal customers! Including an animated video on your site increases conversion rates.